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2018 Western PRO-FLO™ 9.00 cu ft

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PRO-FLO™ 9.00 cu ft




The PRO-FLO™ 525 and PRO-FLO™ 900 tailgate spreaders feature a 2-stage, auger-fed delivery system and independent variable speed control for consistent and efficient flow of all types of de-icing materials, including rock salt and sand. Designed to attach to a wide variety of vehicles, these tailgate spreaders feature a corrosion-free poly hopper for long lasting performance, making it the spreader of choice for any job site or surface condition.

  • Capacity: 9.00 cu ft (0.25 cu m)
  • Hopper Construction: Polyethylene
  • Dimensions Overall (LxWxH): 24 in. x 52 in. x 36 in. (60.90 cm x 132.10 cm x 91.40 cm)
  • Approx. Weight (empty): 180 lb. (81.7 kg)
  • Motor: Dual Electric, 12V 1/3 hp
  • Auger (diam. x length): 3 in. x 20 in. Heavy-duty solid steel (7.26 cm x 50.80 cm Heavy-Duty Solid Steel)
  • Spinner Size: 12 in. (30.50 cm)
  • Spreading Width: Up to 40 ft. (Up to 12.19 m)
  • Materials: Bagged Rock Salt, Dry Free-Flowing Sand, 50/50 Salt/Sand Mix
  • Vehicle Application: Tractors, 1-Ton or Smaller Pickups
  • Available Mounts: Pivot Mount, 2 in. Receiver Hitch (requires adapter mount), 3-point Hitch Mount* (Pivot Mount, 2" Receiver Hitch (requires adapter mount), 3-point Hitch Mount*)
Unique Features
  • Cover: A latching, molded polyethylene lid protects de-icing material from the elements.
  • Controls: Enhanced, dual variable-speed control allows you to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions. Four standard accessory buttons and a dedicated blast button provide optimum in-cab efficiency. Easy-to-understand, digital self-diagnostics alert the operator when the spreader is empty or when adjustments are needed, and LEDs make the control easy to read. Its compact size compared to traditional fits easily into today's modern truck cab designs.
  • Dual Electric Motors: Two instant-start, 12-volt electric motors provide quiet, reliable, independent control over the auger and spinner mechanisms. The spinner motor is sealed inside a weather-resistant housing, protecting it from corrosion.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Hopper: PRO-FLO™ 525 and PRO-FLO™ 900 tailgate spreaders feature corrosion-free polyethylene hoppers for long-lasting durability.
  • Material Delivery: Material is delivered by a heavy-duty, powder coated, horizontal steel auger to provide long-lasting, reliable performance. When an obstruction occurs, the transverse auger delivery system can reduce downtime by automatically backing itself in and out until the obstruction is cleared or a required adjustment has been made.
  • Accessory Integration: Conveniently connect accessories directly into the spreader module mounted in the spinner motor enclosure. Accessories automatically integrate with the tailgate control without having to run additional wires from the front of the truck.
  • Spinner: The PRO-FLO™ 525 tailgate spreader features a 10" made of nylon/glass reinforced resin, and delivers a spread pattern of up to 30'. The PRO-FLO™ 900 tailgate spreader features a 12" steel and delivers a spread pattern of up to 40'.
  • Inverted V / Vibrator: The standard inverted V helps keep sufficient material weight off of the auger, ensuring smooth startup and flow of material. The inverted V is directly connected to a 12-volt vibrator to help reduce bridging and keep material moving to the auger.
  • Top Screen: The standard coated steel helps break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process to help prevent clogging and bridging during spreader operation.
  • Mounting Options: The PRO-FLO™ 525 tailgate spreader comes standard with a combination 2" receiver hitch and 3-point tractor mount for use on multiple vehicle types. The PRO-FLO™ 900 tailgate spreader* requires the additional purchase of one of the available mount options: a pivot mount, a 2" receiver hitch mount (requires additional adapter), or a 3-point hitch mount. *Mounts sold separately.
Featured Accessories
  • Work Light Kit: See more to do more with the for better visibility at the rear of your spreader at night. Encased in anodized aluminum, and good to less than minus 20 degrees, this LED work light will put over 1000 lumens where you need them, when you need them. The LEDs mean low amp draw, so you can easily use more than one (see our Additional , PN 99732-1).
  • Material Control Tube: Prevent leaking issues when using fine pellet and flake materials, such as many commercially available non-salt ice melt materials. The is a sleeve that holds the auger and prevents expensive, fine grain ice melt materials from uselessly leaking out as you drive down the road.
  • Dielectric Grease: Don't risk corrosion problems—use WESTERN® ! Western Products recommends all owners consistently use our special formulation to protect all electrical connections in the tough winter snow, ice, and salt conditions.



Hopper Capacity
9.00 cu ft (0.25 cu m)

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